David Ernesto Vendrell

Chief Creative Officer

David Vendrell graduated from Biola University's Cinema and Media Arts program in May 2015. He has spent the past four years working in development around Hollywood at companies such as Paramount Pictures, Heyday Films and OddLot Entertainment. Having written content in features, television and digital entertainment, David is always looking for ways to share adventures through storytelling. He currently has four projects in pre-production: Manly Guys Club, Teddy Bears are for Lovers, A Convenient Crime and Campfire Horror.

Matthew Hawksworth

Chief Executive Officer ​​

Growing up in a small town in the wilderness of Idaho three hours away from civilization, Matthew created his first movie studio at the age of 7… made entirely out of LEGO bricks. He moved to California and almost got laughed out of film school when he stated that Michael Bay was his favorite director. Ignoring the cynics, Matthew graduated with honors, worked for ABC Studios, and eventually got hired by his Alma mater to produce all events for the film department. Taking the next step, Matthew formed The Royal Adventure Society to develop and produce the larger-than-life cinematic experiences that inspired him to create in the first place. 

The Royal Adventure Society is a production company with a mission to create high-concept, larger-than-life entertainment that appeals to the adventurer inside all of us. 

Join the Society and leave your ordinary world behind.