Teddy Bears are for Lovers is a horror comedy following a 20-something Casanova who becomes haunted by the teddy bears given to his ex-girlfriends.  


COLLIN is not the kind of guy who stays in a relationship very long. In fact, he's developed an emergency system where if things are moving too fast with any particular girl, he has a teddy bear emergency gift kit ready to drop and run. This is just how Collin does romance.

When his current girlfriend, SARAH, drops the three big words, Collin offers his most cuddly emergency teddy bear (aptly named MR. SNUGGLES) to escape having to say the "L" word back.

Unfortunately for Collin, Mr. Snuggles sets off a chain reaction. Collin awakens that night to find a clan of abused and dismembered teddy bears at his bed, all victims of his bitter ex-girlfriends. The cuddly creatures, armed with makeshift weapons, seek revenge and they don't care who gets hurt in the process.